The browser you are using is out of date

Update your web browser to play at Casumo

But why?

We recommend using Google Chrome

Install Google Chrome The world's most popular browser. Installing it is easy and takes about 3 minutes.

Here are some alternatives


Install Edge Only available for Microsoft Windows


Install Safari Only available for MAC OS

But Why?

The first reason to update your web browser is not just to play at Casumo. It’s to stay safe on the internet. A lot has happened since your web browser first saw the light of day. New security threats that modern web browsers are built to protect you from.

Another reason is speed. Why pay for a fast internet connection when your browser is slowing you down? Modern web browsers are so very much faster.

The third reason is compatibility. The web today uses technology that didn’t exist when your web browser was introduced. Websites will both look and work better with a modern web browser.

So for your safety and for you to have an amazing experience at Casumo, let’s update your web browser.